Booksaves Online was established in 2012 in Kenya by individual inspired to provide a platform for individuals to achieve their personal fulfillment of easy borrowing and purchase of books by making the process of book acquisition and borrowing easier, cheaper and manageable.

Through our website, you are able to access our online library and bookshop from the comfort of your home, office etc.

Our main purpose is to save your time and guarantee your convenience. We have researched the current reading patterns and ensured the availability of best-sellers and books by renowned brilliant authors from all around the world.

Booksaves Online is passionate about learning, educating and entertaining our customers hence aiming at providing the necessary materials for individuals, learning institutions and book clubs at affordable prices, providing the best selection, excellent customer service and a pleasurable overall shopping experience.



Booksaves Online is here to educate, provide, listen and follow up to your much needed feedback.

Reading has never been so much fun for everyone!



To provide a platform, where every individual will have an opportunity, to read a book of their choice



We offer the following services:

• Online Library Services

• Online Bookshop



This is a service we offer to individuals. When they become members of our library they are entitled to borrow as many hard copy books from our library as possible for the duration of their membership; so long as they borrow one book at a time. This membership is renewed annually at an affordable fee.



This is where individuals or companies purchase their books online from our website; we offer competitive prices like those of a physical bookshop. Membership is not required to use this service.