Booksaves Online was established in Kenya by individual inspired to provide a platform for individuals to achieve their personal fulfillment of easy borrowing and purchase of books by making the process of book acquisition and borrowing easier, cheaper and manageable.

Through our website, you are able to access our online library and bookshop from the comfort of your home, office etc.

Booksaves Online is passionate about learning, educating and entertaining our customers hence aiming at providing the necessary materials for individuals, learning institutions and book clubs at affordable prices, providing the best selection, excellent customer service and a pleasurable overall shopping experience.


This is a service we offer to individuals. When they become members of our library they are entitled to borrow as many as 24 hard copy books from our library as possible for the duration of their membership; so long as they borrow one book at a time. This membership is renewed annually at an affordable fee of Ksh 3000 p.a.                                                                              



Knowledge is power! Information is the key to personal and organizational change.
Booksaves online is here to listen and provide the much needed information that your company seeks and aid your organization to achieve its Vision.
We will work with you in line with the specific information vacuum needs of your company to provide your company with books that will help your staff and as a result better your company.  



Booksaves book-club is comprised of individuals who are at heart lovers of books, irrespective of the different genres that are available. It was started so as to provide a monthly platform (that is currently unavailable) for not only our members but the society at large, a platform where likeminded individuals can come and discuss different books. It has since morphed into a social and networking experience for individuals who love books! We hold monthly books reviews at our office premises usually at the end of the month. We meet and discuss different books, authors and genres.