Achieving an effective distribution system with the widest coverage is the key objective of any distributor. With nearly ten years of experience, we have established a country-wide distribution network. We are dedicated to connect you, the consumer, to the publishers and vice versa to make the process of book acquisition easier, cheaper and manageable. A key component of our vision is the sharing of knowledge, and information. Through our distribution efforts, we see ourselves as part of a long tradition of contributing to educating our nation. We handle your pick, pack, and shipping for orders of any size. Orders are processed quickly and to customer specifications. Most orders for books in inventory are processed and ready to ship within 24 hours.

Our mission is: Booksaves.com is here to educate, provide, listen and follow up, to your much needed feedback. Reading has never been so much fun for everyone!

Our vision is to provide a platform where every individual, will have an opportunity to read a book of their choice.

Here at Booksaves Online, we specialize in tailored distribution and marketing plans to meet the particular needs of each of our publisher clients. We are committed to achieving excellence in distribution services for our client publishers, and providing first-rate customer care to the individuals and corporations that buy our publishers’ books. We engage in distribution of books to bookstores, libraries, specialty stores, secondary and tertiary education. We will handle your orders from wholesalers and bookstores including shipping, invoicing, collecting, handling returns, reports and warehousing. Our current list of publishers illustrates our continued commitment to our literary roots. We represent over 20 global publishers and have distributed over 4000 titles.