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Agricultural Science and Food Security


Agricultural Science and Food Security discusses the challenges and hurdles in global food security. The scope of the book includes, but not limited to agricultural science, sustainable agricultural food production, food production and efficiency in utilization of agricultural resources. The main reason is the poor management of pests, weeds ad diseases in crops that is obstructing the way of food security globally ad to address the same, management of same has been discussed in details to maximize production of food crops.

sustainable development in the european union


This book undertakes a critical appraisal of the concept of sustainable development in the European Union. In addition to existing issues of sustainability, it examines the development of a European “general principle” of sustainable development. This original, critical approach examines legal, political, and economic implications of the emergence of the principle and places the impact of such in local, national, intranational, and international contexts. While essentially focusing on the development of the principle, the discussion also includes a normative assessment of current policy and practice, and appraises European efforts in the light of international goals.