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Applied Ethics in Nursing


Applied Ethics in Nursing provides an easily understandable guide to the kind of ethical dilemmas you face in practice. Using a question-and-answer format along with numerous case studies, this text offers best practices and strategies for approaching the difficult problems commonly found in clinical practice.

This book also addresses organizational and institutional issues that can confound or promote ethically sound decision making. Each chapter ends with a resource list of websites and recommendations for further reading. The American Nurses’ Association Code of Ethics for Nurses is used as a guide throughout, along with standards and guidelines from other major healthcare and governmental organizations.

Artisanal Fishers on the Kenyan Coast

This monograph is about income diversification among fishers, pressure on marine resources and the relation between the two. Socio-economic characteristics of artisanal fishers, including income diversification, are examined together with fishing practices, fish landings, fish marketing, and resource conservation.

Atlas of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology


Increased global travel has changed the way we think about disease distribution. Diseases once considered of localised interest can be disseminated more readily than ever due to the increased speed of international travel. This is your perfect visual guide to diagnosing these diseases. The Sixth Edition of this internationally acclaimed atlas is the most comprehensive ever, with extensively revised text and more than 1200 stunning images.

  • See the latest on such infections as the H5N1 strain of avian flu and West Nile Virus.
  • Catch up with expanded coverage of the continuing of HIV/AIDS and related infections.
  • Find information quicker and more easily with a new consistent chapter organisation.
  • Get even more comprehensive visual coverage with hundreds of new, full-colour images.
  • Use all of the book’s 1200+ images to illustrate your PowerPoint presentations with the enclosed bonus CD-ROM.

Berry & Kohn’s Operating Room Technique


This new edition of this classic perioperative text has addressed

changing roles, needs, and evolving technologies while

maintaining the fundamental focus that still remains valid―the

care of the surgical patient. Th is edition of the text identifi es the

knowledge and skill needs of the caregiver and strives to incorporate

components of patient care from preoperative, intraoperative,

and postoperative practice areas. A systems approach is introduced

to help organize patient care to minimize the risk for human error.

Brickwork Level 3 Paperback – 12 Apr 2010 by Malcolm


Brickwork Level 3 has been adapted from John Hodge’s classic Brickwork for Apprentices – the established textbook on brickwork for generations of bricklayers. Now in full colour, this new book has been tailored to match Level 3 of both the Construction Alliance Awards Diplomas in Bricklaying and the Trowel Occupations NVQs.

Written by Malcolm Thorpe, who acted as a CITB adviser and was involved in the draughting of the Intermediate Construction Award syllabus (bricklaying route), Brickwork Level 3 matches the latest industry-based requirements and technical developments in the field, including recent changes to the Building Regulations. This text will remain an essential reference for qualified bricklayers and other professionals working in the construction industry, as well as NVQ students wishing to embark on a career in bricklaying.

Critical Care Nursing: Diagnosis and Management


Praised for its comprehensive coverage and clear organization, Critical Care Nursing: Diagnosis and Management, 7th Edition is the go-to critical care nursing text for both practicing nurses and nursing students preparing for clinicals. Nine sections highlight the alterations seen in critical care and make it easy to understand the unique challenges of critical care nursing. An abundance of learning tools such as Patient Safety Alerts, Evidence-Based Practice boxes, NIC interventions, case studies, Pharmacologic Management boxes, and more give you a better understanding of clinical practice and help you reference vital information quickly and easily.

Cunningham’s Manual of Practical Anatomy


Completely redesigned in an attractive new format, this popular manual provides students andpractitioners with a comprehensive guide to human anatomy and a dissection guide recognizedthroughout the world. For the new edition, the dissection guide has been separated from thetext and remodeled to make it more distinctive and easier to read, and the text itself has beengreatly expanded, with new sections on embryology, organogenesis, congenital malformationsof clinical significance, and the new imaging and diagnostic techniques such as CT scanning.

Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics

It has been 20 years since the last edition of this classic text. Kevin Wainwright, a long time user of the text (British Columbia University and Simon Fraser University), has executed the perfect revision—-he has updated examples, applications an